This was sent to me by a friend and I thought her words were perfect.

As I read today’s paper about all of the local events taking place to honor our war veterans, I found something lacking. There was not one event that seemed to welcome Veterans for Peace. It was all about patriotism, glory and pride to have fought for “freedom”. What about the men like you who did their duty and have lived for all of these years knowing that God and true patriotism had nothing to do with what you had to go through? What about men like you, who despite carrying the wounds in your souls of a senseless war, continue on your own to fight against what is unjust and truly against all that America was meant to stand for, while being called cowards by other veterans?
I can’t make a big parade for you. I can’t get the community to come to a big pancake breakfast in your honor. I can’t get them to allow you to speak your truths to the impressionable high school students. But, I can tell you that I am very proud to know you. I can say that I am so grateful that you have found constructive ways to tame your demons. I am grateful that you have found a cause that is right. I can say that despite the hopelessness I feel about the way this country is going, that every time I see you on the corner with your flags of peace, a little spark of hope lights in my soul. Maybe that is the purpose of the vigil. To keep that spark going.
Thank you, you men of war who have become men of peace. Fly your flags on Veteran’s Day, upright or inverted, for you are the true Americans.
In peace and gratitude,