Though struck down in 2003 while attempting to loosen restrictions on cross media ownership, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin wants to bring the issue to a vote once again. With only a week’s notice of the public hearing media activists mobilized and spoke out against the mergers. This from the Seattle Times

The FCC is reviewing rules that restrict how many local media outlets a single company can own. Among them: a 32-year-old regulation barring a company from owning a daily newspaper and TV or radio station in the same market.

Most media companies say the restrictions should be eased or eliminated. Many people who spoke Friday said they’re certain that’s what the FCC’s Republican majority already has decided to do.

If the FCC quickly proposes new rules, “you know your input was dismissed,” said Jonathan Adelstein, one the five-member commission’s two Democrats.

More than 200 people signed up to testify, almost all of them opposed to the proposed rules.