Two of our FCC Commissioners had this to say about the short notice on cross media ownership. We were first told of the impending fast-track October 4 but FCC Chairman Kei Martin did not release this information publicly until now!

‘A hearing with only five days notice is no nirvana for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. This smells like mean spirit. Clearly, the rush is on to push media consolidation to a quick and ill-considered vote. It shows there is a preordained outcome. Pressure from the public and their elected representatives is ignored. With such short notice, many people will be shut out. We received notice of the hearing just moments before it was announced. This is outrageous and not how important media policy should be made.’

Congress has gotten wind of this and a bipartisan Senate Commerce Committee has called for a hearing on November 8 on the issue. Buses are being arranged for people who wish to go up an attend and testify. Check out Oregon ARM for details. Democracy depends upon a free and open media! Fight this!