Really, when you consider how much Vice President Dick Cheney has profited from this war profiting off the blood of our soldiers really shouldn’t come as much of a shock. David H Brooks throws a wild bat mitzvah for his twelve year old daughter and the tax payers paid for it. This is how one Iraq veteran felt about it

“I guess it just goes to show the state of affairs and the state of mind of this tired, old (of mind) veteran that when this story came up it didn’t even make me blink. So some rich guy somewhere who made tons of money selling defective bulletproof vests to the military has a filthy rich party for his daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. ‘Oh, wow, someone wants to endanger my life for a few bucks?’ Sounds like the entire war. So the soldiers get paid poorly, on occasion shell out there own few bucks to buy gear, lose a year of their life, lose their sanity, lose their limbs, lose their lives, and a very few, very select group closely connected to our government get very, very rich. OK, if that’s what the American people want. If that’s what they voted for.” said David Yen

Yeah, wave those flags patriots.