A dear friend and fellow member of Military Families Speak Out, Carlos Arredondo was beaten by pro-war advocates at a protest march in Washington, DC. Saturday. His son, LCpl Alex Arredondo was killed in Falujah while my son was fighting in Ramadi. It took two years to find out the true circumstances of Alex’s death.

As has been the case from the beginning our troops are undermanned and underequipped and this failure of leadership led to Alex’s death. Spread too thin, the Marines were trying to cover more area than their numbers would allow and after three days of intense fighting, Alex found himself trapped on a rooftop without ammunition. For three hours he called for assistance and ammunition until finally, unable to defend himself, Alex was shot and killed.

His father is one of the kindest, gentlest men I have ever met and crusades for peace and loves the Marines.Carlos Arredonda Carlos sets up a memorial to his son, the Marines and many other fallen warriors, with a flag draped coffin. In the coffin he has placed Alex’s spirit… his baseball glove, his Winnie the Pooh bear, his many childhood treasures.

Read about Carlos here

Hatred and violence beget hatred and violence… get well soon

UPDATE: I spoke with Carlos today and he is feeling fine and will be attending the memorial services for Dave Cline tomorrow. Pictures will soon be posted of the incident on Saturday