Major General John Batiste who courageously retired so that he could speak out against the handling of the Iraq occupation penned an oped at ThinkProgress. The last paragraph of the piece sums up what we all feel regarding this hopeless mess in Iraq.

The only way to stabilize Iraq and allow our military to rearm and refit for the long fight ahead is to begin a responsible and deliberate redeployment from Iraq and replace the troops with far less expensive and much more effective resources–those of diplomacy and the critical work of political reconciliation and economic recovery. In other words, when it comes to Iraq, it’s time for conservatives to once again be conservative.

Ironically, soldiers in Iraq cannot access General Batiste’s editorial as the site has been banned for political activism! Imagine! Fighting and dying to ‘spread democracy’ while being denied access to information from learned military leaders because they differ from the Bush administration selling point. Note that Fox News and National Review, however, are still available.