After rereading Councilor Parker’s comments in this weeks Sentinel and regurgitating my oatmeal raisin cookie in disgust, I have to comment on a couple of things. Though Parker has provided a dearth of material to choose from I will try and limit this to just a couple.
Prevously I wrote about Parker’s rant here.

First, Parker asserts that “attacks made on city officials are unconscionable”. Notwithstanding that the city council meetings have been used to attack private citizens and the city council have condoned that behavior, I will argue that city officials are indeed fair game.

debate on public issues including public officials must be uninhibited, robust, and wide-open even if it resulted in false, vehement, caustic, and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials.

The statement above from a court decision has been upheld across the land, particularly in elected officials and officials paid with tax dollars. Over the years suits claiming defamation of public officials have failed because

Proving “actual malice” requires proving the defendant made the statement with “knowledge of falsity or reckless disregard as to truth or falsity of the statement”

People get mad when they don’t believe their tax dollars are well spent and have every right to complain about it. Get used to it!

Lastly, (in this post at least), Parker stated that he felt it was his duty to speak out as he did at the council meeting, that he spoke from the heart. What makes Mr Parker believe he should be allowed to speak out and deliberately hurt a local paper, while other citizens may not complain about their officials? Those of us who have dared to speak out also do so from ‘the heart’ and have taken a lot of abuse for doing so, including being called names by a sitting council member.

Refusng to allow your fellow citizens a voice in city government is the very definition of a ‘good ol’ boy’ network, Parker.
For the record, and this is from the heart, it is my opinion that Parker is a horse’s ass.

Thank you to the Sentinel for having the courage to do what newspapers have historically always done, reporting news and opinioin pertinent to all citizens, not just the chosen few.

Perhaps we should all boycott Century 21. Or picket. Or voice our complaints to the regional office…. 😉