The Coos County Democrats brought a homeward bound resolution to the Bandon City Council last night. Councilman Mike Claassen had worked hard to put this issue on the council agenda and dozens of supporters were there to testify in favor of the resolution. In the end the matter was effectively tabled until a later meeting and no vote was held this evening.

Chris, my youngest son was among those who testified and he did a great job testifying

My name is Chris Fett and I am a Marine brother and here tonight to speak in support of a homeward bound resolution. My brother is a disabled Iraq combat veteran and my family and I live with the consequences of this occupation upon my brother each day. My brother is suffering and our whole family is paying a huge price because our leaders, our elders led this country to a senseless war.

While I bitterly resent what has happened to my brother and my family I want to speak about the financial burden that has been handed off to me and future generations by so called leaders. Instead of health care, public education, public transportation, renewable energy and sustainability my future has been defined by debt assigned to me by this government approaching $52 million in Coos County alone. My personal share of that debt is in the tens of thousands and for what? My forced share financed the permanent disability of my own brother.

We cannot rely on our federal representatives to end this occupation. At 22 I want to be able to afford college, look forward to a peaceful future and I do not want to be saddled with debt to finance the pain and suffering of the Iraqi people. Support this resolution as so many other cities have and bring our troops home where they are needed and wanted and we can take care of them.

Debate centered around whether Iraq was an appropriate subject for a city council to undertake. The matter was tabled as being too divisive, though the mayor, Mary Schamehorn later acquiesced and wanted to put the resolution to a vote. I argued that no leader ever backed away from an issue because it was too divisive. Three hundred cities across the nation have passed homeward bound resolutions, Corvallis, Eugene and Portland among them. For those who feel helpless to do anything to help our fighting men and women in Iraq it is a way for ordinary citizens to fight for them, to show we are not helpless. Passing these resolutions and sending them to Congress should be done because it CAN be done.