Dan DeWalt, the author of a successful Vermont town resolution calling for the impeachment of President Bush has written a very thoughtful piece about the 2006 voters mandate and how Congress has ignored it. This topic is near and dear to many of us locally who are finding it harder and harder to support the sitting democratic majority in Congress.

The hubris and condescension that emanates from lawmakers who tell us that in spite of the majority of their constituents demanding impeachment and accountability, they know better and are ignoring our demands for our own good are infuriating and nauseating. They, like the President, are putting themselves above the constrictions of the Constitution and think that they are wise Pooh-Bahs, when they are nothing more than puppets for the corporate oligarchy for whom most of our government functions.

We are running to take back our country from the political parties who have squandered and misdirected our resources, destroyed any veneer of respectability that might have survived the Reagan/Bush/Clinton years and have cast us into the darkness of endless war against an ethereal enemy.

We have reached the end of our rope. We will accept no more business as usual. No more excuses. We recognize that only we the citizens can save the Republic. If the Democrats are not willing to help, then they had better get out of the way.

hat tip excuuuuuuse me!