Drudge reports that the GOP have launched an online video showing white flags waving over Dems requesting withdrawal of the troops from Iraq. This is just another version of the ‘cut and run’ talking point mentality of Jean Schmidt and the same disregard for the troops shown by Duncan Hunter’s ‘evacuate Iraq’ Thanksgiving resolution.

Desperate people do desperate things. This video, graphically hoping to display anyone courageous enough to take a stand on the mess we have put our troops in, as cowards is an act of desperation.

Why are they so desperate? What do they have to lose by openly debating an alternative course for the war in Iraq? What is in it for them to have things continue on in the same ineffective and outrageously expensive way? What is in it for the citizens, especially the voters, of the United States?

Iraq is a mess and polls show that the majority of Americans feel this way. Wanting to formulate a real plan a viable plan is not cowardice it is common sense it is an obligation we owe to our military.

No one doubts the skill, the courage, the determination of our children in Iraq. They were presented with a mission in March 2003, right or wrong, and they completed it.

Today, unfortunately, their missions are all reactionary, getting a supply convoy from point A to B, surviving IED’s and suicide bombers. They have become a reactive force on foreign land and with no long term plan and no clearly defined goal. We have left these kids dangling from a cliff with a rapidly fraying rope. We should all be ashamed.

Don’t allow the GOP to spin a partisan contest on the lives of our kids. Demand that they show some dignity and meet their obligation to look after the troops.