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Greek Privatization of Key Sectors Meets Strong Opposition

Greek Privatization of Key Sectors Meets Strong Opposition

Published on Thursday, July 10, 2014 by Inter Press Service Apostolis Fotiadis, IPS News PPC power station in Ptolemaida in northern Greece. (Credit: Nikos Pilos)ATHENS – Plans by the Greek government to sell companies that handle the key resources of energy and water face serious obstacles and its policy to offer investors exceptional privileges in […]

Electrical grid not ready for renewable energy

Electrical grid not ready for renewable energy

Once again the evidence that centralized power production is a colossal dinosaur is overwhelming. The intermittent nature of renewable energy which is manageable at a microgrid distributed level is highly problematic at the high voltage transmission level. The North American Electric Reliability Corp. says in a report scheduled for release Monday that unless appropriate measures […]

Investing in dependence is a failed strategy

This past week heralded a stunning example of the dangers of designing an economic policy dependent upon outside resources. Just three days after Governor Kulongoski inaugurated the new $20M airport terminal and delivered a $624,000 check to build an air traffic control tower, Horizon Air announced they will cut service to Coos County. One of […]

Economy will force localization

In the wake of the horrific flooding in Iowa and the Midwest commodities traders are predicting a sharp increase in food prices across the nation. The floods, made worse by collapsed levees, devastated millions of acres of crops in an already shortened growing season but that is not the main reason for food price increases. […]

Danger of allowing control of essential services to foreign company

Belize, a Central American country with a population of 314,000 has been in an ongoing power struggle with the country’s Canadian owned power company, Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) over a rate increase. Fortis is the majority owner of Belize Electricity Limited which can only raise electricity rates after applying for and being awarded a rate […]