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Tag: Millicoma Between

Alleghany family & Cascadia Wildlands call for halt of Elliott Forest Clearcutting

The disregard for private property and older public rainforests comes at a time when ODF wants to double the logging on the Elliott as part of its proposed Forest Management Plan, which remains under heavy scrutiny by the public and groups like Cascadia Wildlands. The state is expected to make a final decision on the clearcutting increase by the end of the year.

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Alleghany family petitions court for injunction to stop ‘illegal’ and unsafe logging

After days of unanswered phone calls to Jim Young of the local district Oregon Department of Forestry office, Barbara Shamet has taken her plea to court. This morning Shamet dropped of a petition for an injunction to stop the logging at the Millicoma Between Sale citing a 2009 pre-op report that lists this location as a ‘high landslide hazard’ that threatens her home.

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Has ODF ignored the safety of an Alleghany farm family? Mystery of the Millicoma Between

How did the Millicoma Between timber sale occur outside of the public view and in apparent disregard of public safety? An Alleghany family may find their drinking water destroyed and their home threatened by mudslides unless the public have a chance to weigh in on what appears to have been a backroom deal between ODF and the timber company logging the Millicoma Between sale.

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