True the Vote, the self-described “election integrity” group widely quoted in the thoroughly debunked 2000 Mules film had to admit in court it has no evidence to support its claims. Repeat, no evidence. Considering all the legal discovery and evidence to the contrary, including the more than sixty failed lawsuits, and the epic defamation awards against perpetrators of the ‘Big Lie’ like Fox News and Rudy Giuliani it’s really hard to fathom or justify Coos County Commissioner Rod Taylor’s obstinate adherence to and continued accusations of fraud against our election workers.

It’s appalling and demonstrates his clear lack of critical thinking skills and belies deep-seated dishonesty. Taylor and his local supporters pretend the insurrection was a “sightseeing tour.” Colorado Judge Sarah Wallace determined that Donald Trump incited and “engaged in insurrection”. To admit wrong would require Taylor to accept when he trespassed on the US Capitol on January 6th, he became a traitor. (Most probably, he turned traitor during his two visits to DC in advance of January 6.)

Now the unapologetic Taylor dares to propose that the county clerk should be under the thumb of the county commission rather than answerable to the voters. In no way should the studiously obtuse traitorous commissioner or his fellow election denier, Bob Main, have any sway over our elections.

Taylor, like so many of his ilk were had by a well oiled propaganda machine but that doesn’t forgive his actions. The only thing Taylor should be doing is apologizing profusely for trying to cheat millions of voters and betraying the constitution he professes to support.

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