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Will recall make the ballot?

Recall Committee member claims to have enough signatures, but when will they file?

Will recall make the ballot?

The recall of Matt Rowe may make it to the ballot… or will it?

Jean Ivey Gurney has claimed to have in her possession “about 300” signatures toward putting the recall of Councilor Matt Rowe on the ballot. Ivey Gurney, who runs a local newspaper and has invited people to stop in and sign petitions, indicated that she did not know how many signatures had been gathered by the other committee members as the committee “hasn’t met since the first meeting”.  Each petition sheet holds ten signatures so Ivey Gurney should have approximately 30 full signature sheets if her estimate is accurate.

Attempts to reach River Cities Realty, Councilor Ann Parker’s business where she offers petitions available to sign in order to confirm actual numbers were unsuccessful.

Only 250 signatures by September 1 are required to put the recall on the ballot. This will require a special election with a cost well in excess of $5,000 to the city taxpayers. Ivey Gurney did not know when the committee would be submitting their signatures to the clerk’s office for verification.

Rowe doubts the accuracy of the numbers offered by Ivey Gurney.

“It seems unlikely that 300 people have walked into Ivey’s office to sign a petition,” Rowe said via phone. “However, we’ll find out soon enough if and when they submit the signatures.”

Rowe has invited the members of the recall committee to publicly debate him through media ads and newspaper interviews but to date there has been no acceptance from the committee members.

“Personally, I would encourage the recall committee to turn in the signatures as quickly as possible,” said Rowe, “as I am eager to exonerate myself with the voters.”

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