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Pettit is a salesman, not an analyst

Pettit is a salesman, not an analyst

Al Pettit is running a write-in campaign for Coos Bay City Council and The World has given him a leg up with a nice story all about his transformation from IT to motorcycle salesman. The paper includes a quote from Eric Farm. ““Al has strong analytic abilities and is able to sort and get to the problem in a logical fashion.” Farm, being on the port commission, has no credibility anyway, but Pettit has arrived at some very illogical, purely ideological conclusions in the recent past. Not to mention he hangs with a crowd that doesn’t even understand simple math.

Pettit can be also be very impolitic. Remember when he characterized public employees as parasites in the Register Guard. Coos Bay, on the other hand, four years on, cannot even pass a simple wind ordinance so the pro-gas Pettit ought to fit in perfectly.

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One Response to "Pettit is a salesman, not an analyst"

  1. Avatar
    Themguys  October 25, 2014 at 11:42 AM

    The “World” is resurrecting the dead, rotting corpse of the “highway to I-5 again today, Gawd help us. Not again. Talk about parasites, does Al Pettit need more of our hard-earned tax dollars for free windows for the business Mrs. Pettit runs? (MPO) If anyone is wondering, Al Pettit is in it for Al Pettit, and every penny he can pocket from working stiffs. I’ve had small business’s myself, it never occurred to me to
    ask my neighbors to pay for my personal business. THIS readers, is what these ass=hats call The Free Market . Only problem is, like Al has shown us before, what he and his cronies mean is : Free for me, not for thee. Arrogant as hell. Perhaps it’s all that starch in his clothes that makes him think
    he is a leader of any kind. My personal opinions only, of course.


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