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No wonder The World doesn’t have time to report

No wonder The World doesn’t have time to report

No wonder The World doesn’t report relevant information like how the Port of Coos Bay totally fabricated an excuse to declare an emergency last spring and lied to the public. No wonder the paper doesn’t take the time to really vet that sorry excuse for a report put out by the structure advisory committee and instead prints three articles and an editorial as if the report was professionally done and valid. It is no wonder because the paper has put all its energy recently into vilifying the local community action (see today’s paper). I don’t know what The World has against ORCCA but it looks really ugly.

A week ago the paper allowed an inaccurate and threatening comment accusing staff of being responsible for the death of a homeless man and not providing a warming center to stand on its Facebook page. The commenter said a staff member had “blood on her hands” and the paper commented back asking if the author would write a ltter to the editor. It wasn’t until ORCCA CEO, Mary Schoen-Clark called the paper that the comment was removed but the two people continued to complain in an ongoing exchange that the community action group wasn’t following a ten year plan. The 10-Year-Homeless-Plan does not call for a warming center and even if a warming center had been in place it wouldn’t have activated until outside temperatures hit 30 degrees.

The paper followed up with an article and an editorial claiming that within minutes of the news of the homeless man’s death under a bridge people (all two of them) took to Facebook to call for a warming center. What has the editor got against ORCCA?

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