“Senate Republicans filibuster the Zadroga bill but pass tax cuts for the wealthy, which is great news for firefighters who make over $200,000 a year. ” Jon gets serious and berates Congress for filibustering the 9/11 responder health care bill known as the Zagroda bill in favor of tax cut bonuses for billionaires.

Jon continues his tirade by pointing out that CBS, NBC and ABC news failed to cover the filibuster or remind the public that it has been nine years since 9/11 and more than 350 first responders have died from illnesses believed to be related to their work. Only Al Jazeera gave coverage to the travesty of our Congress playing ping pong with the Zagroda bill.

“9/11 first responders watch as Mitch McConnell cries over a friend’s retirement, and Jon Kyl explains why the Senate can’t work the week after Christmas.”