This is very interesting. An anonymous blogger must reveal his/her real identity in order to be sued for defamation.

In a case with potentially far-reaching repercussions, Liskula Cohen sought the identity of the blogger who maligned her on the Skanks in NYC blog so that she could sue him or her for defamation.

A Manhattan supreme court judge ruled that she was entitled to the information and ordered Google, which ran the offending blog, to turn it over.

This could spell bad news for Thunder Pot who, like many others of that sleazy ilk, hides behind anonymity to avoid retribution for spreading lies, defamation and slander. More than one angry parent would like to have a word or two with this individual who is so obsessed with the breasts of under age girls.

Will this stretch to the commenters, especially those that pretend to be other than who they are? Worth watching to find out, but this is good news I think.