Coquille Mayor Steve Britton was interviewed by KCBY regarding the new police chief and comments on a phone call from Concerned Citizens of Coquille.

So far, he says, the department is excited to have him on board, as well as local residents, including one group in particular. They called Britton to tell him that they are pleased with the city’s selection.

“They said the process was very transparent,” says Britton. “They liked the choice, they liked the interview process and are happy how the City hired the new chief. Coming from the Concerned Citizens group, that made my day.”

Yes, that would be me who made that call and I can say that Concerned Citizens of Coquille are very optimistic about the new chief hiring AND hope that much of the damage to public communication by the PD will now be repaired. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Now, if we can just get a fresh face in the city manger’s slot…. The upcoming elections for city councilors may speed that process along and our fingers are crossed for that too!