Readers of this blog may know that an applicant for the position of new police chief took an interest in the Leah Freeman case. After reviewing the only case files available to the public the seasoned investigator came to these cursory conclusions

I have read the documents on her website and I am amazed that someone is not in jail for this case. There is an immunity memo between the DA and the boyfriends friend. The boyfriend failed the polygraph, There is history of abuse. I believe that if someone has a strong interview with both boyfriend and friend that this case could crack.

To that end the investigator wrote District Attorney Paul Frasier requesting permission to view the case files and solve this murder. Frasier denied the request immediately citing the following reasons…

There are other concerns in this matter. There are avenues we have taken in this investigation that we have kept secret from the public, including the family of Ms. Freeman. Indeed, there are secrets that we have kept from other law enforcement officers not working on the case. I simply cannot allow someone who is not a sworn police officer to have access to my files on this case as I believe there are investigative matters that must be kept secret if we are to ever have a chance of having a prosecutable case.

Notwithstanding that this investigator is a highly qualified law enforcement officer the statement above has the ring of declaring executive privilege in the interests of so called ‘national security’. In other words, “you can’t look at what we are doing or more accurately NOT doing because it might reveal our errors jeopardize the case”.

The conduct and competence of our public law enforcement is a matter of grave concern to everyone. We are being asked to accept on faith that everything that can be done is being done with no mechanism to assess the quality of effort in place. Further, in this case as in others, law enforcement is prohibiting the victims or public from participating in the resolutions of crimes that affect everyone.

It is hard not to wonder whether the DA simply does not want to solve this case. The investigator above would have been privately paid and is well versed in how to secure evidence suitable to a successful prosecution. So why, with an eight year old case would the DA refuse to open the files to a fresh face or even consider turning it over to another agency with qualified investigators? What are they hiding?

Note: Despite a glowing resume, this officer was not chosen as one of the five police chief candidates to be considered on July 21 – 22.