This is the direction the Carl Foster case is headed and there are some striking similarities between these two cases. Just like Foster’s case, an internal investigation found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of the officer despite serious injuries to the citizen.

Despite the nature of Marquez’s injuries, which included a broken jaw and bruises over her entire face, law enforcement authorities initially sided with the officer.

Marquez was arrested and charged with obstruction of governmental administration, and an internal inquiry cleared Simoes of any wrongdoing. After the Justice Department informed the city that it was investigating, Yonkers Mayor Phil Amicone held a news conference to praise the department, saying its officers “do their jobs the right way in full accordance with the law.”

The victim filed an $11M dollar civil suit which helped bring to light the seriousness of the officers actions. A civil suit is expected to be filed on behalf of Carl Foster, now a quadriplegic after an encounter with Coquille PD. An internal investigation also found no evidence of wrongdoing by the officers involved.

Federal prosecutors said Yonkers officer Wayne Simoes used excessive force when he grabbed the woman by the waist, hoisted her in the air and slammed her, face first, into a tile floor.

The takedown, recorded March 3, 2007, by security cameras, knocked Irma Marquez unconscious and put her in the hospital for four days.