The suggested select hiring committee for the new Coquille Police Chief is not, in my opinion, representative of the community. In addition to two city councilors, the mayor and a representative from the school district and district attorney, the two (why only two?) committee members from the citizenry at large are likely to be Dr Sinnott and Wayne from the barber shop. (Content Citizens of Coquille)content_cow_sm_lt.jpg

Why does everyone on the committee have to be so OLD? Some young adult males, the favored target of our local police department should have some say. Concerned citizens should have some say as well as contented citizens.

Please visit the Coquille Valley Sentinel and pick up a form to apply to be on the committee if you want your opinion heard. Nothing has been more divisive to this community than the conduct and policies of the previous chief and it is very important to find someone who will work with the people and not ignore them.

Once again, I firmly voice my view that city manager O’Connor has outlived his productiveness. He has become an obstacle to constructive change and improvement. The city deserves a fresh face and a new course, business as usual has not served the city well.