The processing rate from DoD to VA varies around the country. Around here it is roughly four months but can take up to nine months in Hawaii. This story from Rawstory details how severely wounded veterans can lose their homes waiting for their benefits to be approved.

Nearly 20,000 disabled soldiers were discharged in the past two fiscal years, and lawmakers, veterans’ advocates and others say thousands could be facing financial ruin while they wait for their claims to be processed and their benefits to come through.

“The anecdotal evidence is depressing,” said Rep. John Hall, D-N.Y., who heads a subcommittee on veterans disability benefits. “These veterans are getting medical care, but their family is going through this huge readjustment at the same time they’re dealing with financial difficulties.”

These problems existed long before the Iraq war began and it is sad that all the people sporting support the troops magnets don’t also get on the phone to their congressman and demand things change.