Reedsport principals are withholding a pay raise to their agent, city manager, Rick Hohnbaum, pending a performance evaluation.

Councilors evaluated Hohnbaum’s performance by handing out question-and-answer surveys to a prescribed list of people that also included city personnel who worked directly under Hohnbaum.

“What I’ve seen tells me that there’s a certain performance goal you have to reach,” said councilman Bill Otis. “And I don’t think we’re there yet.”

Councilwoman Diane Essig agreed.

“If we’re supposed to grant a salary increase based on a criteria of satisfactory or better, these numbers don’t show that satisfactory rating,” she said.

At a recent city council meeting a similar executive session was held in evaluation of Coquille city manager, O’Connor’s performance. I missed the last council meeting so have not heard whether any report was prepared to be shared with the public.

Actions taken by the Reedsport council reflect concerns I have raised in my post below.