Chief Reaves can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot in it as evidenced by this quote.

Police Chief Michael Reaves said, he supports their efforts 100 percent, and applauds them for working with the department.

“As long as everybody works together,” said Reaves. “I think that we will do the things that we want to do, have the quality of life that we want to have in our community. If people work together in support of the police department, rather than denigrating the police department, it always makes things easier.”

That is a two way street, Chief Reaves, working together means working TOGETHER. Stop denigrating your fellow citizens and you might find some cooperation… you cannot have it all your way. Accusing citizens who disagree with you of denigrating the department is right in line with your usual drivel of accusing those same citizens of being disrespectful of the law. Or having your city council buddy call them ‘malcontents’ or having your lawyer label dissenters ‘hairy unwashed’. It is you they disrespect, not the law.

What an amazing horse’s a–

(hat tip/themguys)