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In November 2004, during the siege on Fallujah a good friend lost his son, a Marine Lance Corporal while just down the road my son was fighting in Ramadi. The young man, Alex Arredondo had been calling for three days for additional ammo for his squad. The Marines were spread thin because sufficient manpower had never been allocated in the first place.

Neither the ammo nor the desperately needed manpower ever made it. Alex, only 23 finally ran out of ammunition and unable to defend himself was shot and killed on a Fallujah rooftop. His death was a direct result of incompetent leadership, crimiinal incompetence.

Down the road in Ramadi, my son and his platoon often operated with as little as six hours of sleep in 72 hours. Sleep deprivation, combined with multiple IEDs and innumerable firefights no doubt contributed to the high number, almost 100% of his platoon suffering from PTSD and TBI. Again, it is criminal incompetence and public complacency that continues to allow our troops to fight in these conditions.

And George Bush gives up golf…..