Apparently, the subject of the widely distributed Oprah’s Big Give letter is claiming the letter to be a hoax. The person asserting the hoax is demanding that I remove any reference to the Oprah’s Big Give letter from this blog.

After rereading the post I can see no reason to retract it despite being threatened with legal action. My first amendment rights allow me to comment on such matters. The real thrust of the post was about where I thought the community should make a Big Give, not about the financial foibles of the letter’s subject.

Lastly, I hope that the letter is a hoax and was not written by the sister. However, if it was not the sister, then it was very artfully done to appear like a sister. One can only surmise that the motivation of someone who went to such tremendous effort to evidently only embarrass the subject must not be benevolent.

Also, the subject advises that the information obtained from a council member relating to the length that the city will do without a police chief was exaggerated by a few weeks.