My biggest objection to Hillary is that she has yet to run as a woman much less as a mother. Had she voted in Congress like a mother, had she campaigned like a mother had she spoken to me like a mother she might have had my support. Instead, she has forsaken her gender, except when it is useful, in favor of a tough guy persona. Robert Scheer compares her to McCain and points out the obvious similarities between them.

The Washington Post referred to “Clinton’s apparent effort to distinguish herself from her rival for the Democratic nomination … by offering a more hawkish approach to world affairs.” That rival, Barack Obama, has called for negotiations with Iran’s leaders and condemned Clinton’s proposal as saber rattling.

But the Washington Post story provided evidence that Hillary’s hawkishness is not merely a campaign posture, as evidenced by her two key foreign policy advisers, who the Post reports helped come up with the “obliterate Iran” idea. One of them is Martin S. Indyk, the former Clinton administration ambassador to Israel, who was as strong as any of the neoconservatives in advocating the invasion of Iraq. In an article he co-wrote with Kenneth M. Pollack for the Los Angeles Times three months before the Iraq invasion, which cited their insider status as former government officials who “had access to the most sensitive U.S. intelligence on Iraq,” the two claimed that Iraq had “thousands of tons of precursor chemicals for chemical warfare agents, thousands of liters of biological warfare agents. …” That “insider” information was false.

The Clinton campaign’s national security director, Lee Feinstein, is another leading Democratic hawk and Clinton administration alum who promoted the threat to obliterate Iran.

The scariest thing about Hillary is that unlike McCain, she is highly intelligent and that intelligence could very likely get us into even more trouble than another bumbling Bush wanna be. Obama is no dove either having voted against the war but for subsequent funding requests.

Much to the consternation of my democrat friends I will probably vote third party once again….