At a League of Women Voters campaign forum last night in Coos Bay it appears that John Griffith, running for reelection in the county commissioners race, misspoke. When asked about their largest donors, Griffith listed Seneca Timbers at $1,000 when in fact his largest donor is District 1 House of Representatives incumbant candidate, Wayne Krieger.

Bob Main correctly listed his largest contributor at $250.

Personally, it is hard for me to see whether Griffith will actually benefit from Krieger’s endorsement or whether Wayne Krieger will benefit from having endorsed John Griffith. It may be a lose, lose deal for both of them.

Meanwhile, Krieger’s opponent, Rick Goche was canvassing on my street yesterday and I saw a press release stating that he has knocked on his 1,000th door. He reached that milestone right here in Coquille.