As a result of speaking out for police accountability, I am the recipient of a lot of information regarding cases past and pending handled through the Coos County District Attorney’s office. Some of the cases chosen for prosecution and consequently tried and funded by the taxpayer give rise to the concept that it is possible to follow the letter of the law and still violate its spirit.

Last night I heard of just such a case pending and I wonder, given that it is an election year, if it might be prudent to publish the occasional example of justice gone awry in Coos County. With hope, it might illustrate the caliber of judgment in the Coos County District Attorney’s office for the voters. It may help make people aware of the policies and procedures implemented at the DA’s office toward determining what is worth prosecuting and what is not.

So, from time to time I will publish a case that has been brought to my attention here but I have no set schedule for doing so, yet.