Well, it seems the ‘burbs’ are beginning to feel the sting of cops left unchecked to what was once believed to be a big city problem.

Experts agreed, however, that the suburbs are not immune.

“Law enforcement in the suburbs is only as good as the patchwork of police departments that exists in each county,” said Donna Lieberman, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

“It takes proper oversight and accountability to ensure that the police are our friends, our protectors, and not bullies who think they are above the law.”

Policing the police is a necessary requirement for all communities. This is why Concerned Citizens of Coquille (CCC), not to be confused with Content Citizens of Coquille (CCC), want police accountability in this community as well. Even former sheriff Mike Cook felt that video cameras was a good idea.

As for cameras and other items I like them. I never worried about being under the scrutiny of all the citizens and those in the profession. Most of law enforcement feels that way. They have nothing to hide.