Fellow MFSO member and Marine mom Suzi Sutherland-Martin is featured today in The Oregonian.

Suzi’s son is an officer in the Marines. She loves him very much; she worries about him constantly. She writes him letters and sends e-mails. She telephones and ships packages.

And every Saturday she heads for the Portland airport, sits at a table in front of a sign that says “Bring the Troops Home” and tries to talk to people about the war.

After months of this work, Suzi has come to a sad conclusion: “I feel the majority of Americans are not interested in the troops or the war,” she says.

“I watch all the people who walk by and ignore us, or say they aren’t interested.

“The whole mess just doesn’t touch them. That is the double whammy of the war for families like mine. You are overwhelmed with concern for your . . . Marine, in my case. And not only don’t people seem to care, they don’t even seem to be paying attention.”

Good job, Suzi