This is the difference between a DA in Fresno and the DA in Coos County, 1200 pages of testimony and five days for hitting people with a nightstick. Compare that to two days and many potential witnesses uncalled in the case presented by DA Paul Frasier regarding breaking the neck of Carl Foster.

Family and friends were enjoying themselves at a welcome-home party for U.S. Marine George Rendon, who had just returned from Iraq in March 2005. But about midnight, a brief scuffle between two of Rendon’s relatives broke out and prompted a neighbor to call police.

By the time Fresno police officer Marcus Tafoya arrived at the southeast Fresno home, the scuffle was over. But instead of asking questions, Tafoya attacked family members, waving his baton around and bludgeoning one man and his wife, witnesses testified to a grand jury in December.

Tafoya is now charged with eight counts of excessive force and one count of burglary. A judge this week unsealed a 1,200-page transcript of the five-day grand jury hearing, shedding new light on an incident that cost the city a $1.6 million settlement and raising more questions about the behavior and oversight of its police officers.

Frasier expects to run for the office of DA on what? A protect the police over the citizen ticket…