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Author: themguys

Mary's Pretty Pink Bush

IMG_0497I’m curious about the fascination with your Pretty Pink Bush M.

It does seem to have attracted the attention of some of your neighbors. I know I was there several times when visitors remarked about how healthy and beautiful your Pretty Pink Bush was. Isn’t it wonderful when neighbors are able to recognize their fellow citizens’ efforts to beautify the entire neighborhood?

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Bush admin priorities

Today’s Headlines: $542b defense package OK’d (2) (THAT’S BILLION ) Bush to throw $770m at food crisis (3) (THAT’S MILLION) Have a great day !

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US Congress investing in war contractors

This is beyond sick. How many troops have died and our own legislators are not voting to bring them home and now we learn they are profiting from their sacrifice. Members of Congress invested nearly 196 million dollars of their...

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