This is no surprize but it seems that Coquille is not the only community or the only police force to be accused of covering their proverbial asses and taking the side of the police over the citizens. Read this article at Portland Indy Media where a police report relating to an arrest of a police officer is quoted

“As I was completing the paperwork for Mr. Bergin asked me if I could just take him to Detox [sic]. He said that he has pulled over plenty of drunken cops and has given them a ride home. I informed him that I had to do my job and that Detox was not an option, he was already arrested. He told me that in Sandy it is still the ‘good old boy’ system and he could just go to Detox or home. I informed him that I had a job to do and it was nothing personal. He told me that he understood and apologized for trying to mess with me. He told me that it was at least worth a shot.”

I actually find this to be the most revealing statement in the entire report. It’s not that those of us who paid any attention to the abuses going on out in Sandy did not already know that there is a very serious “good old boy” problem going on out there. But to have it spoken aloud, by the biggest old boy himself, that’s quite a confession. It blows apart any plausible deniability that the Sandy city government may have claimed.

Selective enforcement is prevelant everywhere. Like the officers involved in the crippling of Carl Foster, the officer arrested was allowed to stay on duty after being involved in the death of Fouad Kaady