From The World, evidently the gains achieved by surgery to Mr Foster’s neck have reversed and he is now in critical condition. The link above will expire eventually but the comments are flowing again, both for and against the police in this matter, nor am I the only one to question why both officers are still on duty.

While I am definitely not a fan of the local police force, (more specifically of the leadership), in truth I can sympathize to a point with those that would forgive or dismiss the actions of the officers in this matter. To a point. Everyday we hear horror stories of atrocities perpetrated upon the Iraqi people by our troops. My own son came home with stories that would tear the heart out of even the most hardened Islamophobe and yet I find it hard to hold these young GIs entirely accountable because people placed in horrible situations often do horrible things and because I am predisposed to be sympathetic to these young men and women because of my son’s own suffering.

That said I will note that my son, John did not always act with complete restraint while in Iraq and he pays a price for that today. Thankfully, there was a line which he was able to avoid crossing, one that some of his buddies and one in particular did cross and one could only describe their conduct as criminal and heinous. They will never be tried for their crimes in a court, (nor apparently will their leaders who placed them in that situation) but those that John has tracked have paid a horrific price. Call it kharma, call it justice but in the end if there is any real humanity in these two officers the line they crossed that fateful Saturday will be back to haunt them.