Jonathon Steele makes a case for investigating the events leading to Britains involvement in the Iraq war and summarizes it thusly.

The only way to get the truth is to have a full-scale inquiry. What did the government’s experts really do? Why didn’t they go beyond Whitehall and regularly consult specialists outside? What questions did ministers ask? How an inquiry should be conducted – in public, partly in private, by privy counsellors or a select committee – are matters for debate. The crucial issue is that the government must open itself up to scrutiny.

This is not the stuff of some history PhD. Invading and occupying Iraq has been the greatest British foreign policy blunder since Suez. If the mistake is not to be repeated, we need to know how it happened, and we need to know it now.

The same argument holds true in the US, yet attempts to authorize articles of impeachment, hold inquiries into illegal wiretapping and justice department abuses or even issue contempt citations for stonewalling said investigations fail. The democratic leadership excuse this time, “its the economy, stupid”. Well, yeah! The economy is one of the consequences of not holding our leadership accountable. Pelosi should be ashamed of herself.