Comments continue at The World over an article about the tragic breaking of a suspect’s neck by Coquille PD officers. This completely preventable tragedy is a lose, lose deal for everyone. The entire community, the victim, his family, the officers have all lost here, there is no bright spot.

Why are these officers still on the street? Whether scared or overzealous or angry or any combination thereof, the dynamics that led to this tragic event need to be analyzed to prevent them from ever happening again. Without this the officers involved and others trained and indoctinated into the same enforcement culture are a hazard to the entire community.

UPDATE: Dian is taking a fair amount of abuse in the form of the usual Coquillian style of anonymous ad hominem attacks. She always keeps her head up though and stays on course with her message, I have a lot of respect for Dian.

It seems that we justify inappropriate police behavior by spreading fear, “what if a sweaty methhead is at your door with a loaded gun, ten pounds of C-4, a five gallon can of ammonium nitrate, a cigarette lighter and looks really mean”. Then we further glorify the police for putting their lives on the line for us. As one of my friends likes to say ‘let’s all just hide under our beds and be vewy, vewy afwaid‘.