Alex Arredondo Grave StoneLnc Cpl Alex Arredondo killed in Falujah on a rooftop by an enemy sniper is interred in Rural Cemetery in Massachusetts where his headstone was recently vandalized. Alex was part of the siege on Falujah and was a victim of the poor planning and lack of regard given to our troops in harm’s way. Spread too thin Alex and his platoon had been calling for more ammo for days but none could be delivered to them. When Alex died he had been out of ammunition for hours and was unable to defend himself.

His family have been ardent supporters of the Marine Corp while speaking out loudly against the occupation of Iraq. Desecrating the tomb of the fallen is an act that only those of the lowest moral character would consider and flies in the face of any warrior code. This goes to show that there are despicable people everywhere and these people fall into the same category as those ‘militant Islamic extremists’ that are so reviled by the neo-cons here.

To my dear friends Carlos and Melida Arredondo my deepest sympathy and I know that this heinous act will only steel your resolve to end the occupation.