As everyone knows by now there are peace demonstrations planned across the country including in Seattle, October 27th. Since September, ’05 I have attended three massive marches in DC and countless local events and believe me attending a peace march can be a very energizing thing to do. Where else can you get together with several thousand of your closest friends? Nevertheless, I probably will not attend this march or any more marches on a weekend because I am just too angry anymore.

The next time I spend money to march I want to shut a city down, I want the media to have no excuse not to cover the event, I want to make it impossible for those legislators to leave their offices so they may as well just stay and and hash out and end to this bitter war because they aren’t going home until they do. Screw getting a permit to demonstrate! Why should I require a permit to voice my 1st Amendment rights with thousands of other people? We all just need to show up in DC on a bright Wednesday morning and clog the streets, block the subways, halt all pizza deliveries and force Congress to end this occupation.

Next, while we are doing this we all need to be providing our legislators with a plan to end our dependence on foreign resources, especially oil ’cause they aren’t going to come up with one themselves. We have to do these things for Congress, we cannot depend upon them to imagine anything on their own. We will probably have to defend ourselves against Blackwater in the process, it will not be painless or bloodless, but it must be done.