A while back I wrote about a book, Achilles in Vietnam: Combat Trauma and the Undoing of Character by Jonathon Shay, describing the effects of war on our troops. Shay wrote another book, Odysseus in America: Combat trauma and the Trials of HomecomingOdysseus in America detailing the impact upon veterans and their families as they struggle to reenter society.

For our family and every military family it has been a great trial adjusting to a child damaged by combat. Recently, things have become more difficult as we try to deal with and understand the implications of traumatic brain injury and PTSD. America is doing a huge disservice to its veterans and military families by allowing this occupation to continue and I must admit as I traverse from crisis to crisis with my son that I am very, very bitter about what has happened to him.

There are no easy answers but I encourage everyone to read this book to at least attempt to understand what families like mine are dealing with.