This is old news, of course, the GOP have consistently, since the inception of the war, voted down funding and programs that benefit the troops but why this time did the democratic majority allow it? In yesterday’s vote for the Webb amendment to allow the troops as much time at home as they are deployed failed after receiving a majority vote of 56 to 43.

Such a requirement, by the way, is already a tremendous compromise. The Pentagon brass usually requires twice as much rest as deployment. But Webb’s compromise required only half that much rest. Still, Republicans said no. Our troops — including our “one weekend a month” National Guardsmen — must be required to spend more time in combat than out. So that the rest of us can all shop, watch TV, cut taxes, or take a “wide stance” if we feel like it. (emphasis mine)

So why aren’t the papers reporting on the Republican intransigence in the Senate? Why aren’t they telling everyone how they’re ordering troops stressed to the breaking point back into combat while they busy themselves smoothing their pocket squares? Why aren’t they publishing screaming headlines about the sheer gall of yesterday’s Republican filibuster?

Because there was no Republican filibuster. That’s why.

Instead, the reason the Webb amendment failed even though it got 56 votes was that Senators agreed by unanimous consent that the amendment should have to get 60 votes to pass, even without a filibuster.

Honestly, what the hell is going on? What difference is there between republicans and democrats? Do we really on have a one party system?

As I have stated before the troops will soon have to take matters into their own hands because Congress isn’t doing its job.