Few people are fully aware of how much GI resistance had to do with bringing about the end of the Vietnam war. During that conflict a movement began within the ranks of the active duty soldiers that belies the myth that the peace movement is anti-soldier. To learn more about this watch the documentary ‘Sir, No Sir’ and read ‘Soldiers in Revolt‘ by David Cortright.

September 29, 2007, in Syracuse, NY active duty soldiers will hold an anti-war demonstration in the shadow of Fort Drum which has suffered the largest number of Iraq casualties. This is an historic moment and should illustrate the frustration our active duty forces have with Congress and the American people for allowing the occupation to continue.

During Vietnam the GI resistance grew to the point where whole companies refused orders, pilots refused to fly bombing runs, even the intelligence units refused to pass on intelligence other than to protect US troops. One seaman even disabled the guidance system of an entire aircraft carrier docking it for two months. Only then, when the most highly trained and skilled members of the military stopped obeying orders did the war come to an end.

Our troops are willing to die for their country but know that is not what they are doing in Iraq. In Iraq they are dying for their government, not their country and they will not allow themselves to be ill-used any longer. This movement will grow from here until the troops end the war by refusing to fight it.

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