Emotional fireworks permeated the vigil once again last night as some of the flag wavers chose to join the VFP and WIB corners uninvited. Playing general Women In Black are, of course, unperturbed by this intrusion and continued their silent vigil in honor of those lives lost to violence.

Meanwhile, a compatriot of the squatter on the sign decided to visit the VFP group and express his unwanted opinions upon our members.Confrontation As this exchange grew more heated another of our members courageously positioned himself between the interloper and our female membersKeeping the bully at bay Later a sargeant from Bandon PD ordered the squatter off the Welcome to Bandon sign and further spoke to the other gentleman as well. Thank you, Bandon PD.

The consequence of all this activity was that I spent the entire hour shooting photos and will post more pictures a bit later.