The decider declared during his recent stop in Australia that we were ‘kicking ass’ in Iraq. Given that Bush has a tenuous hold on the English language; he did mistake Australia for Austria and the APEC summit for OPEC, afterall, maybe we should ignore that statement as just another blunder. Our president enjoys that macho, Bruce Willis style tough speak ‘bring ’em on’ and couples it with his cowboy swagger and flight suit codpiece strut. So is he in lala land or just flaring his tail feathers for the pea hens?

While reading an article by Pepe Escobar I was reminded of historian Gabriel Kolko who asserts

since 1950, the US has never lost a battle; but it has never won a war either.

Recently, I wrote about this and one of the many laments of Vietnam veterans has been that their many victories did not translate into success in that war. Bush is right! We are kicking ass! But who’s ass and to what end?

John, my son, confirmed for me that during his tour in Ramadi they never lost a battle or firefight and yet all accounts today maintain that Ramadi is lost – retaken by ‘insurgents’. Forced peace must be an oxymoron. Still we play politics, arrest silent protesters for standing in the Senate gallery while Australians posing as Canadians breach mulitimillion dollar security arrangements with a fake bin Laden