Well, I filed a complaint against my neighbor this afternoon with the local PD. Officer Ulmer the same officer who cited me for trespassing on the public right of way when I returned some signs (at his direction, by the way) two years ago, took the report. He has, in the past promised that he will review other damage done to my property which included the moving of a licensed survey stake. Despite repeated calls by me, he never followed through or called my surveyor and my $500 survey was wasted.

Consequently, it is with some skepticism that I believe when he tells me that he will speak to the neighbor or advise her that any continuation of the behavior will be harassment. He has told me that before. So I am recording this event here as a record in addition to the other records I have been forced to maintain. Will let you know if he follows through or keeps his word this time.

UPDATE: A police car was seen visiting the neighbor this evening. The neighbor has bragged publicly, in the paper in fact, and elsewhere that the DA will handle my complaints about her specifically. I am not sure what this means exactly but if the DA or the police are treating my complaints differently than anyone else’s because of the statements of a private citizen then my civil rights ARE being violated and I AM being denied equal protection.

My property was damaged again today. There was a witness. I have pictures as before. When will the PD cite this person and stop the endless stream of harassment my family has been subjected to? All of you who support the police and criticize me for speaking out would be just as angry as I am if you had been treated the same way.