Just caught a teaser at The World relating to last nights city council meeting. Chief Reaves dismisses the concerns of the citizens complaining about his department as if they were raggedy band of disgruntled miscreants, hardly worth addressing, much less bothering to look into their concerns.

Nothing that we can do will ever satisfy them. Our best thing would be to let them vent, take notes and try to address them as they come along,” Reaves said.

Nothing will satisfy ‘THEM’. Just let ‘THEM’ vent. Presumably, Reaves believes that THEM will then just blow away or crawl back into the hole THEM came from because THEM probably aren’t human anyway.

Personally, I would be pleased to see these concerns addressed professionally. I would be happy if CPD provided equal protection to all citizens as provided for by the constitution. I would be happy if we had a chief of police that listened to complaints by citizens and did something about them.

What was blaringly apparent from last night’s meeting was that many complaints have been lodged by multiple citizens and are routinely ignored or ‘lost’. The concerns raised last evening are indicative of a long standing policy within the police department of ignoring legitimate complaints by tax paying citizens. City employees work for us, we pay their salaries. It is time Reaves acted like a professional and started listening to his bosses because THEM have had enough.

UPDATE: The final World article states that O’Connor and Reaves will review the cases cited last night and report any wrongdoing by the department to the city council at the next meeting. This will be like watching two foxes discuss how to guard the hen house. Where is the oversight? Isn’t that the job of the city council? What mechanism will they employ to undertake reliable unbiased investigations? There is no oversight in Coquille and the city council should be ashamed of themselves.