Jack Murtha is speaking out again. Last week in an ABC News interview Murtha admitted that he would not enlist today. General Peter Pace says that Murtha’s remarks are hurting recruiting efforts. Here is Murtha’s response –

“The military had no problem recruiting directly after 9/11 because everyone understood that we had been attacked. But now the military’s ability to attract recruits is being hampered by the prospect of prolonged, extended and repeated deployments, inadequate equipment, shortened home stays, the lack of any connection between Iraq and the brutal attacks of 9/11, and — most importantly — the administration’s constantly changing, undefined, open-ended military mission in Iraq.”

Later Thursday, Murtha said he’s spoken with military leaders and “they’re frustrated by their mission.”

Murtha goes on to say that he has spoken with General Pace –

Peter Pace told me this last night: They know militarily they can’t win this,”

Subjecting our troops to the fatal policies of mismanagement and foolhardy stubbornness does nothing to bolster the morale of our military. Having a clear plan and commonsense strategy, adequate man power and working equipment will do more for morale and subsequently recruiting than anything else.