Now that the US no longer intends to invest in the rebuilding of Iraq, what purpose are the troops serving aside from acting as targets? More coming.

Update: Via Jeanne

George W. Bush on Iraq

Our strategy in Iraq will require new resources. We have conducted a thorough assessment of our military and reconstruction needs in Iraq, and also in Afghanistan. I will soon submit to Congress a request for $87 billion. The request will cover ongoing military and intelligence operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, which we expect will cost $66 billion over the next year. This budget request will also support our commitment to helping the Iraqi and Afghan people rebuild their own nations, after decades of oppression and mismanagement. We will provide funds to help them improve security. And we will help them to restore basic services, such as electricity and water, and to build new schools, roads, and medical clinics. This effort is essential to the stability of those nations, and therefore, to our own security.

Bush has given up on the hearts and minds of Iraqis as he has given up on the hearts and minds of Katrina victims.