The Sydney Morning Herald reports that US military are cracking down on blogs written and updated from Iraq by soldiers and Marines.

In a development that is worrying US military commanders in Iraq, a growing number of US soldiers – 200 at the last count – have set up their own blogs, or internet diaries, and are updating them from the battlefield.

For many of us wanting to know what is really happening in Iraq soldiers’ blogs are a valuable source of information. From

“I started to scream bloody murder, and one of the other females on the convoy came over, grabbed my hand and started to calm me down,” Sergeant Elizabeth Le Bel wrote a few hours after the attack from a computer at a military hospital. “She held on to me, allowing me to place my leg on her shoulder as it was hanging free. I learned the truck driver had not made it through …”

Obviously, the graphic detail can be hard to swallow but for those that really want to know what these kids are going through their blogs are priceless.